Saturday, March 8, 2014


Today, we went to a birthday party. Our little friend turned one year old and had a cute, simple little party. Josiah and I got her a small toy and we wrapped it in one of Josiah's paintings.

Please excuse my horrible handwriting and questionable "balloons," I fixed them after I took the picture! Lately I haven't had the brain capacity to think up new and wonderful ideas for the kids, so we paint A LOT! I use Ikea easels for them and the giant roll of paper (affiliate link). As a result, I now have a ton of large paintings hanging around my room and more drying on the easels. I knew it was about time we found a way to recycle some of them. It was a hit with our little friend's parents and an extra special touch from Josiah. 

The party got me thinking about Josiah's upcoming birthday. Josiah will be two next month and we still don't have a clue what we are doing! For his ACTUAL birthday I have a special idea in mind, but as far as his birthday party I'm drawing a blank. This is one of the draw backs of being separated from his father. Because we both have our own separate lives, we don't always have a lot of time to actually SIT and communicate about things like this. Usually it's only a few short chats when one of us is dropping Josiah off with the other, and those chats generally don't end up with a final PLAN. 

Last year we had a really nice party at the park, I really like the idea of open air because between his fathers family/friends and mine, we are a lot of people and children! We had lots of fun and had the playground all to ourselves. To keep it simple and inexpensive, I think I'd like to go this route again. 

Josiah's First Birthday Party

What would you suggest??  Time is running out and I need ideas, help! Please leave some suggestions here in the comments or on my Facebook page

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