Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sunday Special

I just wanted to share a little something special that happened this past Sunday. It was just before 9 in the morning and Josiah and I were snuggled up in bed. We usually spend an extra 15 to 20 minutes in bed after we wake up and snuggle, nurse, talk, whatever, before getting out of bed to start our day (or in this case, get ready for church). So there we were in bed and I was making him laugh when all of a sudden he stopped, got quiet and gasped at me.
He smiled and gasped again at me and then started saying, "Beep….Beep….Beep!" Now, I already knew that my mom's phone alarm had been going off in the next room. She likes to use the old internet connecting sound, (I can't even try to spell it, but if you've ever used dial-up, you know what I'm talking about!). The thing is, from her room to my room with our doors closed and a tiny bit of hallway in between, I can barely make out that sound most days.

The other thing that you may not know yet is that Josiah was born with Sensorineural hearing loss in his left ear. I haven't written about this officially yet but I will soon. In a nut shell, the issue lies in the inner ear. Various audiologist visits have told us that his hearing loss was originally Profound (next to deaf in that ear) but then most recently, his test showed that his hearing loss was more in the Mild range (he can hear really loud sounds in that ear).

So it came as such a surprise to me that Josiah was able to hear such a tiny sound two doors away! Oh and I'd also like to mention that the night before, as we went to bed, we said our nightly prayers as usual and I felt compelled to pray for his ear and lay hands on it. Do you think it was a coincidence that Josiah surprised me with such a treat the next morning? I think not! God is great and has been nothing short of WONDERFUL in our lives!

Moral of this story: Pray! It works, trust me!


  1. aww i didn't know about his ear.. But God is good and can do anything!!! AMEN

    1. That's right!
      And I'm sorry love, I thought all the girls knew about his ear already. It wasn't something I announced publicly all the time because I was dealing with it too. But I did mention it to a few people.