Friday, January 3, 2014

Sticky Bug Monsters!

Happy New Year beautiful people! I pray you welcomed 2014 surrounded by family, friends and loved ones. We celebrated at our church and it was great! I look forward to enjoying my beautiful family this year and sharing them with you all as well! 

If you saw my last post, you'll understand this one as it is basically the same exact thing really. The inspiration came when I played one on one with Josiah and I helped him stick too googly eyes onto some painters tape. He saw it and called it "Cookie Monster" (smarty pants!) and didn't let go of it for a long time! 

My 2-and-a-half-year-old baby cousin Isaiah had come to spend Christmas with us all the way from Indiana and I knew we needed to do something FUN. He is very much a BOY and into dinosaurs and monsters and all of that stuff. I was sure this would be right up his alley, especially since he comprehends things a little bit better than Josiah and Lily do. I was right! Isaiah absolutely LOVED it! 

The materials used were simple: Blue painters tape, googly eyes, a small piece of paper, pipe cleaner, and pompoms. 

I simply rolled up some tape into tubes with the sticky side facing out. I tried to make sure the tubes weren't too big or they'd become bracelets instead. Next, I cut a black pipe cleaner into three even pieces (because I made 3 bugs) and after bending them into antennas, taped them to the inside (non sticky) side of my tape roll. I cut three zig-zagy shapes out of a small piece of scrap paper for the teeth and stuck them on as well as the google eyes. It really took no time at all! After that was set up, I brought the coloring table into the main living room, spread some pompoms on it and placed a bug in front of each kid. 

Josiah knew what to do right away and started sticking pompoms on his monster. Isaiah was scared of his bug at first, so his momma showed him how it worked. Lily likes to observe and then copy so she watched the boys do it first. 

It didn't take long before Isaiah got into it, sticking tons of pompoms on his monster, peeling them off and then doing it over and over again. Lily was happy to just play with the pompoms. It took her a while before she slipped the tape bug on her hand and started to play too.

After a few minutes, Lily and Josiah decided it was time for a snack and went off to grab some crackers. Isaiah played and played and played. When he finally got bored, he began to peel the eyes off of the bugs and tried tasting the pompoms. That's when it was game over and time to clean up. 

I think this game was a win for sure! I'm sure Josiah and Lily would have played longer if I didn't take so long trying to set it up (set up is quick, charging the flash to your camera and trying to straighten out the house is what took long!). We will definitely be doing this one again and again! 

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  1. How adorable! Thank you for linking up with us to share your fun monster activity. :)

  2. Very cute activity! Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!