Saturday, December 14, 2013

Our Pretend "Date"

Having two babies in the house, they do a lot of playing (and fighting) with one another. Last night was pretty special though. Lily went to bed early while Josiah stayed up playing with our new-to-us kitchen/diner set. I've been in awe at the two of them lately because they've started really getting into pretend play, especially with this kitchen set and the new one at our church as well.

Last night Josiah walked up to me with a little plastic frying pan and a spoon in his hands and pretended to feed me. So of course I took a bite and it was DELICIOUS! After a few more bites, I walked over to his diner with him and attempted to squeeze my big ol' behind into one of the tiniest plastic diner booths, all the while praying to God that it wouldn't break or that my booty wouldn't leave a big dent in one of the seats. A dent would definitely lead to a fight over who gets the undaunted seat. By some miracle, I made it in! I had half a butt cheek hanging off the seat and my belly was squished against the table but that made no difference to Josiah. He absolutely LOVED it!

He immediately sat down opposite me and began to feed me some of his imaginary food. Then, I went around to the other side and pretended to chop up some red and green peppers, cooked them and came back to the table with a plastic taco. He preferred the plastic peas, carrots, and corn for himself. We sat and ate and shared our food with one another. Soon we pretended to be thirsty. We borrowed Lily's little tea set and pretended to fill our cups, calling it coffee because we don't drink tea. So yummy! Josiah really took his playing seriously and it melted my heart to be able to take part in it with him. We ate and drank and cooked over and over together for about an hour. The house was quiet, there was no fighting, or whining, it was just me and my sweet boy on a pretend date with pretend food. I honestly cannot tell which one of us had more fun! My mother was in the room as well and I was tempted to ask her to snap a photo of us but I didn't, figuring it would distract Josiah and our pretend play would be over.

I re-created the scene for you!

Sometimes being a mom is rough and exhausting. Having two little ones in the house can get even crazier. But this little bit of peaceful, pretend play was so heart warming and so joyful. It reminded me that it's important for me to be more involved as well. Even though the kids have each other to play with, that isn't enough, they need the grown ups to get down to their level and play too! Some of my most memorable moments as a child took place when the adults played too. I'm sharing this for you and so that I can be sure I never forget this. Hopefully this is only the beginning of many, many more imaginary adventures between Josiah and I.

What are your children's favorite pretend games to play with you? I could definitely use some tips!

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